I think this is beautiful.







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Who the fuck is Christian Louboutin ?

"Shoes to go dancing in, shoes to shine in and shoes to wear for a decent bit of showing off."


Charlotte Dellal is CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA


I should/could/would dedicate PAGES to these shoes. Or to Charlotte for designing them in such a unique way. 

Charlotte Dellal, daughter of Brazilian Topmodel Andrea Dellal, a 1970's muse for Valentino, launched her first collection in 2006 only 2 years after she graduated from Cordwainers (just as Jimmy Choo)

We know her sister Alice. Her brother owns an art gallery. Their family tree reads like an exotic Brazilian/English recipe for beauty with brains, talent and a couture touch. It's kinda nice to see that beeing the "showing off your pussy-white trash drug addict rich girl" is not the only way to get attention for Hollywood-kids.




This one here on the right bottom.......black golden ankle boot...I would die for it. Or kill. 



order here ..... if you can. 

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Beyonce + Alicia + Rio

Okay. We all know by now that A.Keys recently released album "The Element of Freedom" is theeeeee shit. (Even if the name sounds like Mariah Carey came up with it)


Now, Alicia and Beyonce are shooting the video to their duet "Put it in a lovesong" in Rio. Take 2 minutes to think about this......Alicia + Beyonce + Rio......yea right. Can't wait to see the video.


Some shots:



Beyonce sieht mal wieder so aus das aaaaaaaalles zu spät ist !

Beyonce looks dangerous...again.I'm just not getting used to it. I think the outfits are more than fine. Reminds me of these Versace heels I love so much. 

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Before we  get into this, lets make sure it’s started the right way.    

This is where I write about all the things that make me happy. Or sad.


ich gruesse alle die ich kenne