I was drizzle and she was a hurricane


John Green in "Looking for Alaska"



I just read this words

can't get them out of my mind

So I share it with you

to make you feel


to make you feel

like I do right now

how is it ?


I was drizzle and she was a hurricane 

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I can't believe I just saw this for the first time!!!!

That was LIVE DEMO'S 5 year anniversary in Berlin. I cant believe that's over a year ago! (And I didnt see the video yet!)




I loved and enjoyed every second of it.

It really was a special and inspiring night for me. Not only beeing on stage with artists like Estelle and The Beatnuts was crazy, but performing with an Orchester and with people I personally look up to in many ways  like Chima and Miki  was something truly special. I think sharing an event like that and then memories like that with people you have so much love and respect for, is an outstanding experience.


I danced till dawn after the show.....I dont think it could have been any better. The location was right next to river Spree. It looked beautiful in the morning light.


Thanks to all the people who made it happen. 




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Good morning world.






                                              8:25                         Brandy on my radio
                                              8:27                         I gotta go
                                              8:30                         Good morning world

I think this is beautiful.







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Who the fuck is Christian Louboutin ?

"Shoes to go dancing in, shoes to shine in and shoes to wear for a decent bit of showing off."


Charlotte Dellal is CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA


I should/could/would dedicate PAGES to these shoes. Or to Charlotte for designing them in such a unique way. 

Charlotte Dellal, daughter of Brazilian Topmodel Andrea Dellal, a 1970's muse for Valentino, launched her first collection in 2006 only 2 years after she graduated from Cordwainers (just as Jimmy Choo)

We know her sister Alice. Her brother owns an art gallery. Their family tree reads like an exotic Brazilian/English recipe for beauty with brains, talent and a couture touch. It's kinda nice to see that beeing the "showing off your pussy-white trash drug addict rich girl" is not the only way to get attention for Hollywood-kids.




This one here on the right bottom.......black golden ankle boot...I would die for it. Or kill. 



order here ..... if you can. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne