I'm sorry I can't.

mein neues schwarz

Die Stunden kleben an mir.

An dir. 

Fick dich. Oder mich.

Ich habe das Interesse an allem was dazwischen liegt verloren.

Die Laken sind nie weiß, in der besten aller Welten. 

working with friends.

Last year I went to Cali with a couple of friends to shoot videos for the first two singles of my album
"Future Deutsche Welle" , which dropped last autumn. The videos already dropped, but the other day,
Steph  (who filmed and edited the whole thing ) came out with this late but rad little trailer and
I just felt tlike sharing it with you. I don't share enough of my work here, but with all the social media bs
I do, I kinda just used this blog as a very straight forward non-reflected outlet for whatever is on my mind.
There is no method to the content, just madness and moments. Timing is irrelevant.


So, about the videos....there was no big budged nor a big filmcrew or even a script. None of the shit that
makes everything so unfree and complicated at times just a couple people with a vision. Probably the
best decision of the year. We endet up shooting some kind of a reality show/roadtrip with friends/short film,
wich we then divided into two videos. My friends Joey Elgersma & Stephan Wever directed it. Steph and
another friend , Paul Ward, did all the camera work and my girl Mayra Fateh helped out with planning and
production. It all stayed in the family and I'm still so proud of what we accomplished with so little.
I am a fan of each one of the people I worked with and still thankful. Also thank you's to my label
Chimperator Department for their trust. 



LARY TRAILER from Stephan Wever on Vimeo.


Part I - Problem


Part II - Kryptonit

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sturm und drang.


„Ha, er muss in was Besserm stecken, der Reiz des Lebens: denn ein Ball
anderer zu sein, ist ein trauriger, niederdrückender Gedanke, eine ewige
Sklaverei, eine nur künstlerische, eine vernünftige, aber eben um
dessentwillen desto elendere Tierschaft.“

Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz

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ich gruesse alle die ich kenne