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My chucks are still wet

but there are no more rainy days ahead,

hello world.

I'm back.


In my head

there's a war between all things unsaid

and all the good people turned bad

In my head

all the shiny shit turned blue

and everything I feel tastes new

I don't know what I am thinking

search every corner, turn the stones

I do remember what I looked like

but who I was seems to be gone

And I am not sure where I'm going

I don't recognize the streets

and the house that I grew up in

seems like a language I don't speak.

In my head

all the happy kids are sad

and all the good people turned bad.


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I woke up so inspired by this.

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Hello again.

We must have passed the point of of return without noticing 

last time I looked around I found myself next to you

now I seem to find myself within you.

So here we go again. 

Dear love, 

it's been a while, how have you been?

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne